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Dillard Drive Elementary - Wake County Public School System
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Dillard Drive Elementary

As one enters the friendly, dynamic environment of Dillard Drive Elementary, one is welcomed by a professional and friendly office staff. Student work brightens hallways and administrative offices. Classrooms are inviting places where children and teachers are actively involved in the teaching/learning process.

The creative staff covers curriculum goals as outlined in the Standard Course of Study. Staff members exhibit the highest professional standards and are committed to continuous professional improvement.
In classrooms, you will find students actively engaged while their teachers serve as facilitators. We provide various opportunities for students to grow through active participation in small groups, whole group, and individualized settings. Teachers are constantly assessing students’ need to better serve each child through the use of Flexible Skill Grouping in math, Literature Circles in reading, Title I, ALP 2 Reading Programs, ALP 1 Reading Programs, Academically Gifted Program and our Q for L Enrichment program. Regular, consistent, collaborative planning is ongoing. Teachers participate in staff development opportunities to continually enhance and develop good teaching strategies. The efforts have allowed our student achievement to surpass previous benchmarks enabling Dillard to be recognized as a “School of Excellence.”

Parent and community volunteers provide one-on-one tutoring, serve as media volunteers, and lend helping hands, during special activities.

To promote this learning there is a collaborative effort among teachers, students, parents, and community. Parent volunteers assist teachers on a daily basis with reading, and math instruction. Dillard Elementary partners with Athens Drive High and Dillard Drive Middle to provide enrichment activities for students.

Administrators are actively involved in all facets of the school and its mission. The principal and assistant principal are visible, accessible and supportive of parents, teachers and students. They encourage open communication, and high expectations for all students and staff.

All components together support a common vision for our students.

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